Members and guests meet the first Wednesday of each month at the Spring Lake Country Club for lunch and a program concerned with diverse issues or areas of interest.

Counterpart recognizes that our members are busy and often have conflicts requiring them to leave a meeting early, or skip a meeting altogether. The Counterpart format gives members the ability to limit their involvement to the monthly meeting or to expand it by serving as an officer.


Membership is open to all who are interested in expanding their horizons and network of acquaintances.  Membership dues support service-oriented projects and programs. Members who would like introduce a guest to Counterpart can enjoy a discount and pay only $10.00 for the first-time guest’s luncheon.


The annual membership fee, due April 1st, is $28.00.  Simply pay the $16.00 luncheon fee at the door for the luncheons you wish to attend.  You MUST make a reservation by the Thursday prior to the luncheon. Please note: Counterpart is charged for each luncheon plate ordered. Once you make a reservation, payment for your meal is due even if you cannot attend the luncheon.

To join Counterpart, please complete the brief application on the printable brochure and bring it to the next meeting, or mail it to Counterpart, PO Box 356, Grand Haven, MI 49417.

Please give us:

Your name, address, phone number(s), email, and indicate whether you’ll be joining as a Prepaid Member or a Monthly Member.  Our treasurer will compute your pro-rated dues and luncheon fees if you are joining in the middle of a quarter.  Checks should be made payable to Counterpart.


Making new friends and connections is so much fun. That’s why Counterpart luncheons can be addictive! If you plan to attend the luncheon each month, consider becoming a Prepaid Member. Prepaid Membership comes with the convenience of having reservations automatically made for you. The annual membership fee, due April 1st, is $28.00.  The quarterly luncheon fee, due at the January, April, July, and October meetings, is $33.00. Prepaid Membership comes with the additional convenience of writing one check to cover dues and luncheon fees for the year — a total of $132 — in advance. If you are unable to attend a meeting, you MUST cancel the reservation by noon the Monday prior to the meeting, otherwise you will be charged for your luncheon plate.

  • To make or cancel reservations, call or email Renee Strothman:, 260.438.8447.