Counterpart was founded in Grand Haven, Michigan, in 1974 at the height of the Women’s Movement as a counterpart to the local Rotary club, which at that time did not allow women to become members. Today, Counterpart is an organization that provides an opportunity and support system for personal and professional growth, networking, and service, supporting local women and children.  Membership is open to all who are interested in expanding their horizons and network of acquaintances. Counterpart serves the Tri-Cities Area of Grand Haven, Spring Lake, and Ferrysburg, and western Ottawa County.



Counterpart, PO Box 356, Grand Haven, MI 49417



2017 – 2017      Joan Morse

2015-2017       Barb Dryer

2014-2015       Barb Dryer

2013-2014       Barb Dryer

2012-2013       Bobbi Sabine

2011-2012       Bobbi Sabine

2010-2011       Bobbi Sabine

2009-2010       Bobbi Sabine

2008-2009       Bobbi Sabine

2007-2008       Bobbi Sabine

2006-2007       Bobbi Sabine

2005-2006       Jackie Baden

2004-2005       Jackie Baden

2003-2004       Jackie Baden

2002-2003       Jackie Baden

2001-2002       Jackie Baden

2000-2001       Jackie Baden

1999-2000       Amy Bakker Baty

1998-1999       Amy Bakker Baty

1997-1998       Lynn Boezaart

1996-1997       Jackie Baden

1995-1996       Jackie Baden

1994-1995       Sheila McNally

1993-1994       Barb Dryer

1992-1993       Barb Dryer

1991-1992       Demera Platt

1990-1991       Carol Raskiewicz

1989-1990       Karen Benson

1988-1989       Carl VanHof

1987-1988       Eleanor Andrews

1986-1987       Eleanor Andrews

1985-1986       Jane Brown

1984-1985       Carolyn Casemier

1983-1984       Toni Bassi

1982-1983       Mary Jane Dykema

1981-1982       Carole DeBlaey

1980-1981       Sylvia Birckhead

1979-1980       Judy Morganthal

1978-1979       Doris VanDam

1977-1978       Jo Landman

1976-1977       Sandy Mercurio

1975-1976       Gretchen Garrison

1974-1975       Eleanor Andrews