Jeanette Weiden, genealogy expert at Loutit District Library, will talk about the different commercial DNA tests – what they can tell you (and what they can’t), how they differ in their methodology, and a few other tidbits. Reference librarian Ben Knight will share details about some of the cool resources you can access online with your library card – movies, tv shows, music, ebooks, audiobooks, magazines, and more. He will also talk about how library staff can help you understand and use your mobile device to borrow and download items from these resources.

Lunch begins at noon, followed by a brief business meeting and the program. Reservations are required for the luncheon and are due no later than noon on Thursday, August 29. Guests are welcome. To make or cancel reservations, email Renee Strothman at or call/text her at 260.438.8447. The $16.00 luncheon fee is due at the door and includes meal, beverage, and gratuity. Please note that Counterpart is charged for each lunch ordered, so if you have a reservation, payment is due even if you cannot attend.

The program is open to the public. People who want to only hear the program without having lunch are welcome to arrive at 12:30.

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