Our speaker will be our own Counterpart member Joyce Cawthon.  Joyce is a whiz at social media and is going to share some tidbits about the things you didn’t know you could do on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and SnapChat. If you are wondering what exactly people mean when they say “social media” or if you are thinking I don’t really need all that nonsense, you’ll be surprised at what you’ll learn you can do with social media! Want to know what’s going on in the community? Interested in selling or buying something and don’t know how to go about it? Joyce can help! Whether or not you use a smart phone or whether or not you are actually on Facebook, come and hear all about it! Your friends and grandchildren will be impressed by what you know!

Counterpart meets at noon at The Spring Lake Country Club, 17496 N Fruitport Rd, Spring Lake.

Lunch begins at noon, followed by a brief business meeting and the program. Reservations are required for the luncheon and are due no later than noon on Wednesday, May 29. Guests are welcome. To make or cancel reservations, email Renee Strothman at renees8484@gmail.com or call her at 260.438.8447. The $16.00 luncheon fee is due at the door and includes meal, beverage, and gratuity. Please note that Counterpart is charged for each lunch ordered, so if you have a reservation, payment is due even if you cannot attend.

Also, please remember that our Wardrobe for Work clothing drive for Resilience: Advocates for Ending Violence (formerly known as the Center for Women in Transition) will also be held on June 5. As you’re switching over your closets for spring and summer, please remember this worthy cause when deciding what to do with those items you don’t wear anymore! There will be a van at the door to accept your donations.

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