October 5, 2016            12:00 pm                 Spring Lake Holiday Inn

Melinda Hollands lives in Traverse City and is going to tell us her wonderful, inspiring story about her journey as a legally blind individual. She will share her experience with Ski for Light, an organization that works with blind and sight-impaired individuals to give them the thrill and skill of cross-country skiing. Prepare to be inspired!

To make or cancel reservations, call or email Martha Roldan: 616.607.9205, keltyroldan@msn.com

Simply pay the $11.00 luncheon fee at the door.  Reservations are due by noon the Monday prior to the luncheon.  Please note: Counterpart is charged for each luncheon plate ordered. Once you make a reservation, payment for your meal is due even if you cannot attend the luncheon.

In addition, The Center for Women in Transition (CWIT) will be collecting gently used fall/winter clothes and accessories for the Winter Clothing Drive. CWIT will have a van at the entrance to the Holiday Inn to collect your donations from 11:30 to noon.  Receipts are available on request. Clean out your closets and put those little-worn outfits and accessories to good use.  At CWIT, women can visit the “Wardrobe for Work” and are assisted in selecting several outfits that can be worn for interviews and work attire. CWIT is also in need of personal care products and gently used towels.


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