May 4, 2016            12:00 pm                 Spring Lake Holiday Inn

It’s finally here!  This is the day we announce the Counterpart Woman of the Year!  You won’t want to miss this special event.

To make or cancel reservations, call or email Martha Roldan: 616.607.9205,

Simply pay the $11.00 luncheon fee at the door.  Reservations are due by noon the Monday prior to the luncheon.  Please note: Counterpart is charged for each luncheon plate ordered. Once you make a reservation, payment for your meal is due even if you cannot attend the luncheon.


The new Counterpart fiscal year begins on April 1.  That means dues are due! There is no change in the dues structure for this year.

The annual membership fee is $28 and may be paid any time now, along with your luncheon fee, or mailed to Counterpart at PO Box 356, Grand Haven, MI  49417.

 If you are a supporting member and pay by the quarter, the amount due in April is $61. 

If you pay by the year, the amount due is $160.


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