October 5, 2011  12:00 pm

Chef Howard Norris, owner of Artisan Cooking School and Catering Company in Grand Haven, will explain what the Artisan School offers to our community.  He will demonstrate his culinary techniques as he prepares caramel and Chocolate Ganache.  He will also share his interesting life experiences.

The Center for Women in Transition will be collecting gently-used clothes and accessories for the Fall Clothing Drive.  CWIT will have a van at the entrance to the Holiday Inn to start collecting your donations at 11:30 am.  Receipts available on request.

Contributions to the clothing drives have been dropping off in recent years, so we urge you to take a good look in your closets and put those little-worn outfits to good use.  At CWIT, women can visit the “Wardrobe for Work” and are assisted in selecting several outfits that can be worn for interviews and work attire.  Your generosity could be the difference in some woman feeling more confident and getting a job.

October 19, 2011  12:00 pm

Gwen Noren will present a program about the history of dolls.  Members are  encouraged to bring in a doll to show, and Gwen will share information about it.


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