April 6, 2011  12:00 pm

Retired educator Susan Sherman Meeuwenberg of Nunica who was scheduled to speak to us about  her book “Failing Retirement 101,” will not be able to join us due to illness. Instead, Alicia Whorley, who graduated from Central Michigan University with a major in music theory, will play the marimba (a xylophone-like instrument).  She learned to play the marimba when she entered a drum and bugle corps known as Dimensions, which was based in Grand Rapids at the time. She’ll also share what it was like to be a percussionist in high school, when that was still a predominantly male group. She’ll also talk about her experiences with the different drum and bugle corps and the opportunities, or lack of them, for female musicians. Alicia plays regularly with a band at her church.

April 20, 2011  12:00 pm

Astrologer Mary Trumpfheller will explain how different aspects of astrology can help individuals understand their inherent personality traits and become more self-aware.  Learn how this complex art form can help you provide a better understanding of all the choices available in life.

DUES REMINDER!   Annual dues were due as of April first.  Still only $28 a year.  Pay for a whole year and get a significant savings on your lunches and dues.  Ask Treasurer for details.
CWIT NEEDS: Bring your full-sized and travel-sized soaps, etc., to Counterpart meetings.  CWIT would also like full-sized bath and beauty products to give the women in the shelter on their birthdays.


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