July 2018 Program

July 11, 2018   12:00 pm   Spring Lake Holiday Inn

The July Counterpart meeting has been rescheduled to July 11 due to the holiday. It will feature a program on training for suicide prevention, presented by Sarah Lewakowski, Executive Director of TCM Ministries in Grand Haven. Learn to recognize warning signs and appropriate responses, as well as support services that are locally available. Your actions could save a life.

Reservations are required for the lunch meeting at the Spring Lake Holiday Inn, and are due no later than noon July 9 (the Monday prior to the luncheon). Guests are welcome. To make or cancel reservations, email Martha Roldan at keltyroldan@msn.com or call her at (616) 607-9205. The $11.00 luncheon fee is due at the door and includes meal, dessert, beverage, and gratuity. Please note that Counterpart is charged for each lunch ordered, so if you have a reservation, payment is due even if you cannot attend.

This program/training session is slightly longer than the regular programs and so will start right after lunch is served. Public wishing to attend only the program (no lunch) are welcome at no charge.


June 2018 Program

June 6, 2018   12:00 pm   Spring Lake Holiday Inn
West Michigan historian Tom Buettner will present images of Mackinac Island’s most historic cottages.  In the late 1800’s many wealthy Midwesterners began building the luxurious cottages, many that are still there today.  Learn who they were, where did they come from, and what were their stories.

To make or cancel reservations, call or email Martha Roldan: 616.607.9205, keltyroldan@msn.com

Simply pay the $11.00 luncheon fee at the door.  Reservations are due by noon the Monday prior to the luncheon. Please note: Counterpart is charged for each luncheon plate ordered. Once you make a reservation, payment for your meal is due even if you cannot attend the luncheon.